Fiber Body Aura Scanner With 160 Sample

Fiber Body Aura Scanner With 160 Sample

Fiber body Aura Scanner vastu kit with 160 samples in one wooden box.

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Aura Scanner is a scanning machine that scans the Aura of any individual based on his or her physical presence or a photograph. The Aura Scanner includes 160 samples in one wooden boxes, picture scanning equipment, and a bag. Aura Scanner machine may be used for a variety of purposes, including: An examination of our body's Aura energy field finding an ideal Gemstone for our physique, Geo pathic Stress is being investigated, determine Your body's energy level, examining good and negative energy. Finding different Chakra energy levels in our bodies and examining a good plot and its Vastu examining many forms of radiation. The Aura Scanner is made to evoke a sense of prosperity in the atmosphere and surroundings. Essentially, an Aura is a Bio-Electric field that emanates from every living thing. The energy body's exterior Manifestation is called an Aura. The Aura is calm and balanced for a healthy person. Aura energy provides trust-worthy information about one's health.


  • Aura Scanner is used to check Aura of a person and vastu analysis.
  • It comes with “160” Samples.
  • Photo Scanning Device and 2 Mass Cables and Bag.
  • We also provide detailed tutorial videos to learn how to use an Aura scanner.


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