Universal Digital Aura Scanner

Universal Digital Aura Scanner

Universal Digital Aura Scanner Android And IOS Compatible

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You may view all seven Chakras (Glands) and the exact source of your disease (Body Energy Level) As you can see, Pitta, Kpaha, and Vatta have high degrees of stress or acidity. Parts of the internal body that are frequently healthy and flawed future illnesses (premature or initial phase of an upcoming problem) The initial results of any treatment (beneficial or detrimental) You can assess Vastu problems in your house, business, or other structure, for instance. Learn about the genuine energy fields of all living and non-living things, including water, food, medicine, plants, crystals, yantras, and tantra.


  1. Digitalized Aura Scanning Reports
  2. Accuracy in Calculating Results
  3. 2.4 Inches Digital Display 
  4. Bluetooth Connectivity
  5. Android And IOS Compatibility


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